RWP Inc. was founded in 2003 as a robotic welding company specializing in wear part consumables for the forestry and demolition industries. A machine shop division was added early in the company's existence as it became evident that our customers required machining as well as welding services. World-class quality and workmanship have been the hallmark of our business since its inception.

RWP is a flexible machining and welding company with a variety of skills and equipment that enable us to serve your needs from start to finish. From specialty items to mass production, we can handle your machining, welding and hard-facing needs, meeting or exceeding your expectations in quality, service and cost. RWP will work with you to meet your needs in a creative and efficient manner, lowering your cost with a fast turn around.


RWP is equipped to offer a broad scope of welding and machining expertise including;


General and Custom Machining

Small and Large Lot Production Runs

Grinding Services

Large Envelope Mills and Lathes